zara agent

Who We Are

A consolidated shipping agency in Zadar

Zara Agent is a shipping agency located in Zadar. This Croatian city is located on Croatian coast and it is recognized as one of the most famous cities of Croatia for several factors (tourism and economic). Zadar has a solid and fluid port activities and it is one of the most relevant points on the Adriatic Sea for yachts, cargo ships and cruises.

Our team is located in Zadar and the philosophy of Zara Agent is to provide quality assistance service to yachts, cruising ships and cargo ships on the east Adriatic coast. The company is operating since more than ten years ago and all this is possible thanks to our human resources.


The most ideal shipping agency in Croatia

All customers (cargo ships, cruises and yachts) will enjoy customer-oriented services and thoughtful after-service. In other words, we define our wide range of services as effective, efficient and well-managed. And of course, today we are able to meet the needs of the entire Croatian coast.

In our daily work as shipping agency on Croatia coast, we continue to be faced with major challenges. In definitive, enthusiasts ready to face any challenge our job may arise.

As shipping agency on Mediterranean Sea, we offer a friendly customer support

As part of our activities as professionals in port services, we know that we have contacts with many partners, many agents and many people. Then, if you want to be, we can be your friends. Our clear mission is “your agents, your partners and, if you want us to be, even your friends”.

We can provide assistance, port information and restrictions for all Croatian ports, where we have well-tried and trusted customers. On the other hand, we are also glad to operate on behalf of some of main Croatian and foreign Shipping and agents.

We take care of our customers during all operational aspects such un/loading operations, custom clearance formalities, emergencies, administrative and documental formalities, custom-made operations, critical needs, supply, handlings, events, health assistance, etc.

The future of Zara Agent

Although years and more than 15 years of hard working in the sector with good reliability in the shipping industry, we are still looking to improve ourselves to be always an excellent service for yachts, cruises and cargo ships.

“In Croatia, we have been committed to always giving the maximum in business support.”


Hear what Marko Odvitović, our CEO, has to say about Zara Agent.

“With the experience we have gathered, today we are covering all aspects of services assistance in yachting business, cruising and cargo vessels operations. Knowledge of both national and international laws, as well as the industry in whole, while prioritizing on friendly but professional approach to our clients is our greatest asset. As east Adriatic coast is becoming more popular for yachts, cargo ships and cruising ships we tend to keep up with the trends of the industry and build trust and loyalty with our clients through dedicated work. “