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It is old news now that Croatia is the best cruising destination on the Mediterranean Sea, with its 1244 islands and crystal-clear sea. If you want to be a Cruising Ship in Croatia, you must have an agent here, who will be your representative for everything you need.

Zara Agent is recognized as top service provider in regard to cruising services in Croatia, located in Zadar. Croatia is located on the East coast of Adriatic Sea which is the reason why the demand for Cruising Services on Adriatic coast is increasing.

Zara Agent is here, present along all Croatian coast, located in one of the most popular Cruising Ports in Mediterranean Sea and able to provide below Cruising Services in Mediterranean Sea, on Adriatic coast, along the coast of Croatia, in Zadar.


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  • Cruise operator’s representation – we are your representatives among all local authorities. Immigration, Customs, Harbour Master Office, we know their philosophy and their way of dealing with yachts. You can relax while we take care of them.
  • Homeport / pre-cruise arrangements – whatever You need berth tomorrow, in three days, or next year, you can rely on us that your pre-cruise arrangements will be taken care of. Linesmen, water connection, power supply, berth booking, garbage disposal it is all in the package.
  • Shore staff support – whatever You need transfer for arriving crew or guest member, we will provide you with every single detail You need to be aware of and will execute every necessary movement in detail, so staff support runs smoothly.
  • Terminal services – Passenger Port of Zadar – Gaženica has newly build terminal and it is the state of the art. We are locals so we can offer You our complete knowledge of running through the terminal with ease.
  • CTM – Cash to Master – You need to pay your crew? Do not worry, just tell us and the money will magically appear.
  • Fresh water supply – You need to have your water we arrange it.
  • Garbage offload – whatever it is grey water, oily rags, sludge, bilge, food waste, cooking oil, paper, plastic, metal, we can arrange the disposal of any type of garbage just send us waste declaration in advance.
  • Arrival-departure formalities – You don’t need to be in panic or in stress because we make Authorities our partners, since we know the way they handle cruise ships. You can relax and cooperate with ease with us and we will take care of everything else.
  • Passengers and crew services – Whatever it is staying at the doctors with the guest or crew all day, whatever it is driving crew to buy some important part for the vessel, we can arrange it with no problem.
  • Luggage handling – if your passenger has lost their luggage – just tell us, we will take care the rest.
  • Shore tendering
  • Transfers and excursions – National park of Plitvice Lakes, National park Krka Waterfalls, trip to Split (centre of Dalmatia), we can organize for everyone.
  • Stores and spares handling
  • Itinerary planning & reporting– licensed CIMIS operators – if You aren’t that familiar with beautiful Croatian coast, do not worry, we got you cover for any number of days You want to explore all of our 1244 islands. Also, if You are a cruise ship over 45m LOA, we got You covered with CIMIS – Croatian Integrated Maritime Information System.
  • General supply, provisions and bunkering – We are aware how supply and provision is important. We take care of these sections with special care and we listen to your demands. If you want first class goods, we deliver, if you want middle class, we deliver. Low class we do not have in offer. As per bunkering we can arrange bunkering anywhere You want – as long as it is not against the national law.
  • Tugboat service – If the whatever is harsh, captains often risk too much if they do not acquire tug service help. We are here to assist with organizing everything so you can berth alongside even during strong wind and harsh conditions.
  • Diving support


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Our cruising services in Croatia, are solely dedicated to managing cruise vessels, expedition passenger ships, etc. Historically, we are operating on Adriatic coast, Croatia and in definitive, on Mediterranean Sea. Our wide range of cruising Services offers the full range of services required to achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations