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As yachting industry in Croatia is getting trendier, Zara Agent is recognized as top service provider in regard to Yacht Services in Croatia.

Zara Agent as leader and reference in yacht services in Croatia

Where is Croatia? Croatia is located on the East coast of Adriatic Sea which is the reason why the demand for Yacht Services on Adriatic coast is increasing. Zara Agent is here, present along all Croatian coast, located in Zadar and able to provide below Yacht Services in Mediterranean Sea, on Adriatic coast, in Croatia, in Zadar.


We offer a wide range of yacht services on Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea

  • Clearance in / out – we are your representatives among all local authorities. Immigration, Customs, Harbour Master Office, we know their philosophy and their way of dealing with yachts. You can relax while we take care of them.
  • VAT & Fiscal representation – in order to do commercial charter in Croatia You will need VAT & Fiscal representatives. You can rely on us with this one as we will get your documents ready for You right away.
  • Berth arrangements – whatever You need berth tomorrow, in three days, or next year, you can rely on us that your berth arrangements will be taken care of. Linesmen, water connection, power supply, berth booking, it is all in the package.
  • Crew and guest’s entry formalities – whatever You need transfer for arriving crew or guest member, we will provide you with every single detail You need to be aware of and will execute every necessary movement in detail so entry formalities goes as smooth as possible.
  • CTM – Cash to Master – You need to pay your crew? Do not worry, just tell us and the money will magically appear.
  • Yacht supply – when it comes to yacht supply, we are aware how important this is. That is why we give You the best service possible, delivery always on time, delivery on Sunday & Holidays. Also, we tend to keep you posted on developments and offers and obtain any unusual requirements.
  • Bunkering – You will need fuel if you want to navigate the Adriatic coast and further. We can provide you fuel with bunkering the way you want.
  • Itinerary planning & reporting– licensed CIMIS operators – if You aren’t that familiar with beautiful Croatian coast, do not worry, we got you cover for any number of days You want to explore all our 1244 islands. Also, if You are a yacht over 45m LOA, we got You covered with CIMIS – Croatian Integrated Maritime Information System.
  • Technical support & spare parts handling – whatever it is part of the engine, part of the hull, wood or metal, glass or plastic we can get that for You.
  • Immigration/customs formalities – as You know Custom officers and Immigration officers can be tricky. Let us do the work while you relax on the yacht and do your part of work without having to worry about authorities.
  • Massage on board – if you need this kind of service, we have some experts waiting to heal soft-tissue muscles of the body. With their touch, massage therapists relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of their clients.
  • Flower arrangements – you want colours and beauty of flowers for the interior of your Yacht? We have excellent experts on flowers with know-how approach of the most beautiful flower arrangements.
  • Restaurants reservations – whatever You want to eat local fish, local meat speciality we know where to find it.
  • Event planning – if You want to set up an event to cheer up a little bit, to relax Your crew and Your guests, let us arrange all necessary to have it all in one place – great live music, great ambient, great location and top mood celebration.
  • Emergency repairs and maintenance
  • Winter / laid-up services
  • Transfers / limousine service
  • Exclusive excursions
  • Laundry services
  • Security services
  • Medical assistance
  • Tugboat service
  • Diving support

Trust in our team. We have a solid experience in yacht services in all zones of Croatia


Zara Agent was created since more than 10 years ago in order to provide an easy and smart way to deliver managing solutions services for yachts in Croatia, Zadar and Mediterranean Sea.