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What We Do

The most experienced company in port services in Zadar and Croatia

For over a decade, Zara Agent is growing and offering special shipping services with personalized attention in Zadar and Croatia. Definitely, Zara Agent provides specialist shipping services in all of Croatia’s leading ports, helping major companies in all aspects of their business, from resolving paperwork to comprehensive assistance in port for yachts, cargo ships and cruises.

OUR Services

In what cases is ideal our services as shipping services?


You run your business, we are your local representative and your reliable partner.


You do your job; we help you be the best at your performance.


You enjoy your vacation, we do the magic.

Our knowledge of the shipping industry means we can take part in almost all kinds of port business activity, providing a comprehensive service on the Adriatic coast.


Could we consider Zara Agent as a shipping agency specialist in several services?


Undoubtedly, the answer is positive. Through the years, we have continued to learn and growth in the industry. The core of the Zara Agent operating culture is based on values that we share with our personnel: trust, friendly service, dedicated work and capability for continuous improvement.