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Cargo ships services

Croatia is part of middle –middle east Europe, and as that it is centred on perfect location in aspect of transporting goods. Cargo Ships come to Zadar very often to deliver all sorts of cargo: oil, general cargo, wood, and pretty soon they will be delivering containers also, as cargo port of Zadar is expanding with two more berths for multi-purpose vessels.

That’s how Cargo Ships in Croatia especially Cargo Ships in Zadar will have conditions to load/unload very specific type of cargo with very specific type of cargo ships – multi-purpose vessels. Zara Agent is present here, located in Zadar, and is able to provide assistance of Cargo Ships throughout the Adriatic coast.


Do you need to transport goods to Croatia? Zara Agent is the solution as professionals in cargo ships in Croatia


  • Pre-arrival documentation formalities – You don’t need to be in panic or in stress because we make Authorities our partners, since we know the way they handle cargo ships. You can relax and cooperate with ease with us and we will take care of everything else.
  • Vessel service and cargo pre-planning – any service regarding the vessel we can organize with no problem, including cargo pre-planning operations which requires experience and knowledge we can provide.
  • Vessel’s arrival clearance – we are your representatives among all local authorities. Immigration, Customs, Harbour Master Office, we know their philosophy and their way of dealing with yachts. You can relax while we take care of them.
  • Coordination with stevedores and shippers – we are aware how tricky and hard can be to coordinate with stevedores and shippers. We, as agents, speak everyone’s language – that is in the description of our job.
  • Tugboat service – If the whatever is harsh, captains often risk too much if they do not acquire tug service help. We are here to assist with organizing everything so you can berth alongside even during strong wind and harsh conditions.
  • Monitoring of vessel’s operations – 24/7 we are at the spot longer than anybody making sure that cargo loads/unloads safely and undamaged.
  • Departure formalities – departure manifest, Customs and Immigration approval – all is in the package delivered with ease.
  • Cargo survey coordination – Our main goal is that cargo loads/unloads undamaged. We are ready to take any measure to do exactly that.
  • Bunker delivery coordination
  • Launch boat arrangements
  • CTM – Cash to Master – You need to pay your crew? Do not worry, just tell us and the money will magically appear.
  • Crew change formalities and assistance – whatever You need transfer for arriving crew, or departing crew, we will provide you with every single detail You need to be aware of and will execute every necessary movement in details so entry/exit formalities goes as smooth as possible.
  • Crew medical assistance – the part of our job also is staying at the doctors with the crew member all day if necessary.
  • Transportation – whatever it is driving crew to buy some important part for the vessel, we can arrange it with no problem, whatever it is driving crew to the airport, to the hotel or in other country, we can organize it with no problem.
  • Hotel accommodation for crew and superintendents
  • Spare parts handling
  • Vessel husbandry
  • Diving support


Do you transport goods regularly to your customers? Use our cargo ships on Adriatic coast and Mediterranean Sea.




Any import and export should consider the time, advantages of each model of transportation and choose the correct company for managing shipments. Our team of professionals in Zara Agent has a solid experience to offer you a reliable solution on cargo ships, in Croatia if you need to transport goods.

Undoubtedly, Croatia is a fantastic zone for boosting the free trade. In this context, we know that it is essential the role within maritime industry.