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Zara Agent

Who we are

  • a shipping agency located in Zadar, Croatia, providing high quality assistance service to yachts, cruising ships and cargo ships on the east Adriatic coast for over a decade
  • enthusiasts ready to face any challenge our job may arise
  • your agents, your partners and, if you want us to be, even your friends

„With the experience we have gathered, today we are covering all aspects of services assistance in yachting business, cruising and cargo vessels operations. Knowledge of both national and international laws, as well as the industry in whole, while prioritizing on friendly but professional approach to our clients is our greatest asset. As east Adriatic coast is becoming more popular for yachts and cruising ships we tend to keep up with the trends of the industry and build trust and loyalty with our clients through dedicated work.“

CEO Marko Odvitović

Zara Agent - Shipping Agency - Zadar, Croatia
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